Fees and Spread

Fees and spreads are an essential aspect of Mu's trading engine, influencing the cost of trading and the overall user experience. Understanding these factors is crucial for users to make informed decisions.

When trading on Mu, users may encounter certain fees. These fees vary depending on the specific actions performed. For instance, users are typically charged a transaction fee for executing trades. This fee is usually a percentage of the trade value and helps cover the costs of maintaining and operating the trading platform.

In addition to transaction fees, Mu may charge fees for other actions, such as adding or removing liquidity from trading pools. These fees contribute to the overall liquidity management and incentivize users to participate in providing liquidity to the platform.

Apart from transaction fees, users should also be aware of spreads. A spread represents the difference between an asset's buying and selling prices. When trading on Mu, users may encounter spreads that result from liquidity providers' pricing and market conditions. Spreads can vary depending on the liquidity and trading volume of a particular token or trading pair. Users must consider spreads as they can affect trades' final cost and profitability.

Mu is committed to transparency when it comes to fees and spreads. Users can access real-time information about the current fees and spreads on the platform. This helps users make informed decisions and plan their trading strategies accordingly.

It is essential for users to consider fees carefully and spreads when trading on Mu. By understanding these factors and incorporating them into their trading strategies, users can optimize their trading experience and achieve their desired outcomes.

On top of that, we have Borrowing Fees, which are charged per block based on collateral. Values adjust hourly.

Overall, fees and spreads are integral components of Mu's trading engine. They play a significant role in determining the cost and profitability of trades. Mu aims to create a fair and transparent trading environment that promotes user trust and satisfaction by providing transparent information and empowering users with knowledge.

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