Why Mu Exchange


Mu Exchange is an innovative leverage trading platform operating on Gnosis Chain, a truly decentralized and permissionless chain run by thousands of ordinary people around the globe.

Yield-Bearing Collateral

We are the first Perpetual Decentralized Exchange (Perp DEX) to offer leverage trading with a yield-bearing token ($sDAI) as collateral. Users can continue earning their DAI Saving Rate yield when trading even after opening positions.

Are you choosing between putting your money into stable saving products OR ape-ing tokens for the next 100x? Why not both at the same time at Mu!? Don't just trade, earn-as-you-trade!

TripleEarn sDAI Vault

First in DeFi to offer three streams of income in a perp dex vault:

  1. Users can deposit $sDAI into our $msDAI Vault to become market makers of Mu.

  2. Depositing into the $sDAI Vault also earns you a substantial portion of Mu's trading fees, earning trading yield.

  3. Depositing into the $sDAI Vault can continue to earn a DAI Saving Rate yield on top of the Mu trading fees.

A Fair and Transparent CEX-Like Experience

We are also the first to offer a pure single-token trading experience like a centralized exchange UI. When trading at Mu, you trade with $sDAI as collateral (continuing to earn your $sDAI yield even after the position opened) and provide liquidity with $sDAI (continuing to earn your sDAI yield).

One thing we pride ourselves on is the fact that we are fair and transparent. We have a guaranteed stop loss, which the users can update during the opened position. We will not have scam wicks because we do not control the prices; we receive price feeds from the oracles we do not control. We have fixed spreads. This is important because, during high volatility, many brokers increase the bid/ask much higher, which results in your stop loss hitting without the price even moving much.

Furthermore, we only have liquidation if you hit a >90% loss, a massive difference from many protocols that liquidate at a 50% rate. Users trade directly on their wallet, which means you maintain custody of your assets. As such, we do not require KYC as we are a DEX.

All the usual CEX features will be on Mu from day one, including the partial closing of open orders. Trading should be seamless and straightforward, like Muuuu.

Join Mu today and experience its limitless potential. Enjoy the simple, secure, and cost-efficient features that Mu Exchange provides!

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