Unleash the power of referral rewards, receive fee discounts, and earn rebates through the Mu Referral program. Our program is designed to incentivize new and existing users to play an active role in driving the community and overall growth of Mu Exchange. Here's how it works:

Once a user clicks on your unique referral link, your referral address is saved within their account permanently. All trades executed on their account will benefit from a discount while you earn rebates out of their trading fees.

As a trader, you can enjoy lifetime fee discounts of up to 20%, and as a referrer, you'll receive lifetime rebates of up to 20%, which are paid out in sDAI.

Participating in our referral program is exceedingly easy. Visit the referral page on Mu Exchange and connect your MetaMask wallet. Click the button to sign up as a referrer, and copy your unique link to share with others using multiple social media platforms such as Twitter, Telegram, or Facebook for maximum reach. You can also take advantage of our social media sharing options to increase the visibility of your referral link.

Join our thriving community today and earn rewards as we grow as a team! Please refer to the tier list below for detailed information on our referral program. We will later have different tiered programs and rush campaigns with additional incentives. Follow our Twitter for updates, and watch for our Google Forms!

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