One Step Bridging (Easiest)

Using the Bridge Widget on Mu Exchange (Powered by Li.Fi)

Go to Get $sDAI at the header section on the Mu Exchange page and bridge from any chain!

We recommend this as the bridge because you get destination gas ($xDAI) and trading collateral ($sDAI) all in one step and can immediately start trading!

Make sure you remember to add $sDAI to your wallet in two ways:

  1. Add the contract address here: 0xaf204776c7245bF4147c2612BF6e5972Ee483701

  2. Go to this address on Gnosis Scan -, and on the top right; after you click on the three dots, you will see "Add Token to Web3 Wallet".

Note: You must still top up $xDAI when running low on gas.

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