Opening Trades

To commence trading on Mu, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Ensure you have added a web3 wallet with Gnosis Chain network and some $xDAI for gas and $sDAI for trading purposes. If this is your first time, you can follow the guide at Getting Started On Gnosis Chain.

  2. Go to Mu.Exchange and access the app.

  3. Click the wallet icon on the dashboard's top right side and link your web3 wallet to the platform. Ensure that you have selected the correct blockchain network, Gnosis Chain.

  4. Click the "Trade" tab and use the left sidebar to search and select the trading pair you intend to trade. Select the star icon to add the pair to your favorites list. The trading pair parameters are available in the pair list segment.

  5. Select the appropriate trade parameters, including:

    1. Trade direction: long (buy) or short (sell)

    2. Order types: Market, limit, or stop limit

    3. Collateral: the maximum amount you are willing to undertake in case of liquidation, hence the amount you need to put in for this trade

    4. Leverage: multiplier settings

    5. Slippage (for market order): maximum slippage you are willing to take for this trade

    6. Optional stop-loss or take-profit orders

  6. Place the trade by clicking the "Approve" button at the bottom and authorize the transactions on your web3 wallet. There might be multiple transactions to confirm, especially when this is your first trade (to authorize your $sDAI interaction with Mu smart contract). do pay attention to the transaction details and approve them accordingly.

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